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LJ's First Damien Leith Community

Australian Idol 2006

Damien: Australian Idol 06
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Photo from www.myspace.com/dleith

"Even if Damien Leith wanted to escape music, it would be impossible. The friendly Irishman has been raised by musical family and performed with his siblings from the age of 16. Even now, working as a chemist in Sydney, the gifted singer is surrounded by musical workmates. But for a lad who has passionately pursued his musical dreams, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Damien had an interesting childhood, following his engineer dad to exotic countries like Libya and Botswana. Despite the transient formative years, Damien remembers his parents as ‘party animals’ and music always played a major role in family life. Ironically, considering his beautiful falsetto, Damien’s first garage band in Ireland was a death metal act, soon followed by a family band called Leaf. The band impressed a US label, which courted Leaf and took them to the US but Damien returned to Ireland, disillusioned. Reforming the band as Releaf, the new combo had success on the Irish charts and plenty of gigs but Damien headed for Australia and now lives with wife Eileen and baby son, Jarvis.

With diverse tastes, Damien is far from being the stereotypical Irish crooner, loving many genres, from Seattle grunge to old crooners to singer/songwriters like Alex Lloyd and Pete Murray. The amiable singer is an active character who loves to create, whether it be music or writing, but for the time being it seems that Damien Leith’s attention will be focused on the biggest opportunity of his life – the competition that may end in glory and see Damien performing on the stage of the Sydney Opera House."
Hokey biography taken from the Australian Idol webpage

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